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October 10th, 2017

State Automation is proud to become a Partner with Bosch Rexroth Group for the APAC Region. 

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Important changes at State Automation

August 31st, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that State Automation was recently acquired by the Technical Director Mr.Qunying Yao. In his new role as MD/CTO he is continuing his passion to design and deliver innovative technology solutions  for the creative industries.

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A Smooth LED dimming experience

New AirLED Driver 6 Channels High Frequency Version 2

Our AirLED Driver 2nd Gen. 6 ch is a smooth LED DIMMER offering high performance control over DMX for individual or multi-circuit fixtures such as RGB or RGBWA. Indeed it offers the latest LED Adaptive Interactive Response (AIR) control. AIR is a new technology developed by State Automation to ensure smooth responsive dimming performance when using the latest high intensity LED’s.

Engineered and designed in Australia.

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A New level of efficiency


Advanced phase control (APC) technology is the most Efficient Modular dimmer on the market to date, uniquely developed by State Automation’s engineers to provide a new generation of dimmers with high rise time (that is, extremely good filtering) but with low heat loss compared with other dimmers.  APC also greatly increases the range of switchable loads that may be controlled by the dimmer channels. In addition, each APC dimmer output can be supplied with an optional relay to enhance its functionality. The fitted relay may have either NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed) contacts.  They can be connected either in parallel or in series with the load. This provides three control enhancements that are exclusive to the SA APC Dimmer Modules.

Engineered and designed in Australia.

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The Latest WINCON Axis Controller


Our Winch Control range is the result of tireless design and development, we believe the new WINCON 6 to be the safest axis controller for Stage Control developed today, with the design criteria embracing the latest Safety Standard IEC61508 guide lines. The Wincon 6 “HSI” (High Safety Integrity) product incorporates a ‘redundant’ microprocessor which acts as a safety supervisor. The safety Processor checks that all main processor tasks are executing properly, ie. It acts as a “smart watchdog”, monitoring the main processor activity. Motion is prevented in cases of unsafe conditions indicated by internal data or external signals.

Engineered and designed in Australia.

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New INCAND-AIR LED House light


The INCAND-AIR is a high power LED based downlight system designed to replace traditional 300W Par56 luminaires. It features a specifically developed LED light engine based on a highly tuned array of Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber Luxeon LEDs. Allowing it to produce beautiful, high CRI whites of any CCT and accurately replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of halogen lamps when dimmed. The use of RGBWA gives the added benefit of an ability to produce not only excellent whites, but rich, vivid colours.

INCAND-AIR 120 achieves outstanding, totally smooth dimming performance from 100% to black. This is accomplished by the use of an Adaptive Resolution Pulse Width Modulation dimming method. This ensures that colours remain consistent and controllable at all levels, which is critical for the accurate control of colour temperature during dimming. All luminaires across the installation dim smoothly to the same level and colour temperature. They dim at the same rate and finally fade to black at the same time, with no flicker or step change to off.

Engineered and designed in Australia.


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