A Successful LED upgrade in a local School Theatre

Stage View at the Cripps Centre, Caulfield Grammar School

Stage View inside the Cripps Centre at Caulfield Grammar School.

Main Hall entrance - Cripps Centre, Caulfield

Main Hall entrance view inside the Cripps Centre at Caulfield Grammar School.

Project: Cripps Centre, Caulfield Grammar School (https://www.caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au/)

Location: Melbourne’s inner suburbs (St. Kilda East)

The venue: figures & facts

 Upgrade background / Work completed: State Automation supplied the Airled driver powering new LED lights, replacing their classic incandescent lights used across the theatre.

Upgrade completion date: January 2019

Systems Integrator: 

  • Darren Irving, Lida Industries
  • Mark Daniels, Stage Electrics

 Two (2) LED fittings were carefully chosen by the integrator and the venue after testing the compatibility with our Airled Driver in SA laboratory, ensuring a smooth dimming from 0 to 100%.

 LEDs selected:  

  • Qty 32x 35W LED from Emerald Planet
  • Qty 76x 9W LED from Emerald Planet

LED drivers & power-supplies (PSU) selected:

  • Qty 22x Constant Current Airled drivers from State Automation (up to 6 channels, each rated accordingly to 300 and 700mA to suit the LEDs installed)
  • Meanwell PSUs (48VDC 150W & 48VDC 240W)

 Control system:

  • Cue Server (operated via a laptop or tablet)

 Installation & operation:

All the LEDs are connected to our Airled driver and Meanwell PSU, hidden in the ceiling.

All the lights are controlled via DMX 512, operated with a Cue Server.

This system allows to dim individually or all lights at once, seamlessly and without any flicker.

Image credits: State Automation – All rights reserved.