About us

Established in 1984 State Automation is a privately owned Australian company passionately dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced lighting and stage control systems for Arts, Cultural and Entertainment venues. Our company´s success has been a direct result of a commitment to quality and innovation. This has seen State Automation products lead the world in providing artistic designers and technical staff in the Arts & entertainment industry, with unrivalled performance and reliability. As a result, State Automation is recognised within our industry as a pioneer and leading designer of premier Lighting and Stage control solutions.

State Automation’s Lighting Control and Stage Control systems are used in some of the world’s most prestigious venues from national  Opera houses, theatres, performing arts centre’s, television studios, museums, theme parks, casinos and schools. Our vast experience and capability allows us to tailor to the needs and requirements of our individual clients, from a small school theatre to an international Arts & Cultural centre. We employ more than 50 specialists including electronic design engineers, industrial designers, software engineers, service engineers as well as production staff and administrative personnel.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply world-leading technology products and services that enable our customers to maximise the value and capability of their venue in a safe, reliable and energy efficient manner.


At State Automation we believe in having a strong company culture promoting a working environment of trust. This empowers our people to have confidence in each other, which in turn gives people the freedom to be creative, independent and inventive. This philosophy is at the heart of our core beliefs and is imperative to our ongoing success and development as a leading design and technology company. By ensuring we uphold our core values in all we do, we believe “Everything is possible”.

What we do

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and installing world class control solutions and having worked on some of the world’s most prestigious Arts & Cultural projects, State Automation has naturally built a passionate team of highly skilled people who love what they do. From lighting/LED control solutions through to stage control and bespoke control systems State Automation is perfectly placed to provide a turnkey control solution for any project specification or size, whilst also providing ongoing service options to suit all.

Lighting Control Systems 

Revolutionary Control technologies to suit all applications : VST (Variable Sinewave Technology) – APC (Advance phase control) – SPC (Standard Phase Control) – Q (Reverse Phase Control)

These technologies are applied to a wide range of SA lighting products and control systems: Solution X96, X72, X48 (Modular Cabinets) – Solution 12, 6 (Modular 19″ Rack Mount) – Solution Cool APC (Wallmount/Rackmount ) – Solution Q (Quiet Dimmers).

Stage Machinery control systems

The State flying system and stage machinery control can be used on small to large theatres, bespoke projects such as touring shows and major events. Our stage control services cover the full project life cycle: from project planning, delivery to installation, and ongoing support. The key focus points of our stage control team  are always Safety, Energy efficiency, Quality, Reliability, Bespoke.

LED Solutions/Control

The AirLED Driver and the INCAND-Air LED house light solution have been installed in some of the worlds most prestigious venues providing them with seamless LED control in demanding and dynamic production environments.

See our AirLED Driver control in action at the Sydney Opera House:

Service and Maintenance

SA Service’s highly trained Engineers are renowned for exceeding customer expectations. With our high levels of expertise, 24/7 availability and global mobility, we offer the very best service and support to the customer, every time. We provide a quality international service facility providing:

– 24 hour support for lighting and stage automation systems.

– Highly trained and experienced personnel available to act as a resident service and maintenance option within a customer premises.

– Programmed Preventative Maintenance and Support.

– Equipment repairs and upgrades.

– Technical and Operator Training.


State Automation work with other companies to add our pioneering control technology to enhance their products or systems. For further details on our companies OEM capabilities please contact our sales dept.

Examples of typical venues using State Automation´s lighting products and systems:

Theatre’s & Performing venues
Museums & Art galleries
TV & Production studios
Multi-purpose conference & exhibition venues
Entertainment venues
Architectural installations
Sports Arena’s
Touring Systems
Theme parks
Special events Large and small scale
Shopping centres

SA Environmental Policy

Our company continually strives to improve our design and manufacturing practices to ensure our company’s overall operation has a minimal environmental impact where possible. Our ethos is to design products to be the most energy efficient offering they can be without compromising on performance or reliability.

State Automation is committed to continually working towards a greener outcome overall in our manufacturing process and product design, which will ultimately contribute to a more sustainable global environment. We will do this by…

  1. Continuing to be a leader in the design and manufacturing of energy efficient ‘Green’ products for our industry.
  2. Reducing waste and recycle were possible.
  3. Continuing to use a safe and considered company policy for the disposal of hazardous materials.
  4. Continually pushing the boundaries on energy efficiencies in our workplace, systems and assets.
  5. Embedding sustainable technologies in our day to day business, manufacturing practices.

To further support these initiatives, we encourage our suppliers, partners and dealers to adopt such practices

 Recycling of SA products

State Automation offers our clients a free recycling service, they simply return their old SA control products/parts and we provide an appropriate rebate to the client and handle the recycling process of these units.

SA and the RoHS directive

Inadequately treated e-waste poses environmental and health risks. The European Commission therefore proposed to revise the directives on electrical and electronic equipment in order to tackle the fast increasing waste stream of such products. The aim is to increase the amount of e-waste that is appropriately treated and to reduce the volume that goes to disposal. The aim of the RoHS recast was also to reduce administrative burdens and ensure coherency with newer policies and legislation covering, for example, chemicals and the new legislative framework for the marketing of products in the European Union. The RoHS Recast Directive was published in the Official Journal on 1 July 2011.

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