Sydney Opera House – Concert Hall lighting upgrade wins at Green Globe awards

SA provide Sydney Opera House with award winning Concert Hall lighting upgrade

When the Sydney Opera House introduced the latest lighting technology and long-life lamps in the Concert Hall, it reduced its energy use by around 75 per cent, cutting 455 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and slashing power bills by $70,000 a year. The inspiring bottom line for the building managers is that the lighting upgrade is expected to pay for itself in six years. The Concert Hall upgrade is a fine example of achieving sustainability, safety and artistic outcomes within a heritage building. The lights were custom-made to fit heritage requirements, including the use of existing openings and rigging points and maintaining the lighting’s warmth and dimming capabilities. The new lights are guaranteed for 50,000 hours, which equates to more than nine years of life, saving more than 2,000 lamps every year. State Automation and the Opera House team developed a programmable ‘heritage setting’ that emulates the original lighting design. The new lights also dim smoothly at a warm colour temperature to mimic incandescent lighting fade, which was a key requirement of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

This award honours a heritage-listed building in NSW that has successfully developed and integrated environmental management and sustainable practices into the building’s fabric and management. This category rewards innovative actions taken to improve the efficiency and general environmental performance of the building, while retaining the asset’s heritage values.

INCAND-Air 30 LED Downlight

Product Features

    AIR- Adaptive Interactive Resolution provides intimate and accurate control of the light output from the LEDs thus ensuring smooth dim-ming performance over the entire dimming range.

    Multiple control modes incl adaptive resolution dimming of individual colours channels for full control of custom colours & fades.
    Incandescent Mode Replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of Halogen lamps when dimmed.
    Local thermal fold-back.
    Effective, considered thermal management for LED longevity and reliability.
    Resistant to power fluctuations.
    Perfectly smooth dimming from 100% to Black.
    C E and C-Tick compliant.
    Temperature and fault monitoring feedback.
    Digital AIR dimming ensures all luminaires across the installation fade to black smoothly, at the same time.