Lastest news about Wincon 6

SA is and has always been heavily involved with professionals in the field to come up with a beautiful and functional design for our Stage Control Products.

Our team in Melbourne and Sydney have been developing a new stage control system for the last couple of years: The New Wincon 6.

The Wincon 6 (Winch Controller) is the latest of the Wincon family. Wincons have had a long and successful product life in Theatres and Operas over the last 30 years, ensuring smooth and precise moves on stage from a desk or remotely.

Prestigious venues all over the world are using Wincon 6, such as:

  • The National Centre for the Performing Art, the National in Beijing, China
  • The National Opera Theatre & Concert Hall in Tallinn, Estonia
  • The Sori Art Centre in Jeollabuk-Do, Korea

SA is proud to be part of Sori Art Centre refurbishment programme with our valuable partner SE-Tech Consulting.