LED Control

Engineered and designed in Australia

Solution Xi 12 channels Wall-Mount dimmer for LEDs

State Automation’s Solution Xi 12 channels is a flicker free LED ready dimmer pack. Using our innovative Reverse Phase Control (RPC) technology – also called “Trailing-Edge”. The wall mount dimmer creates a slower turn offedge. Compact, it has a slim case and is equipped with a discrimination circuit to protect dimmer from both overload and short circuits.

Product Features

    Designed specifically for both architectural and entertainment applications, the Solution Xi-12 comes in a range of current outputs from 5A to 16Amps. Special models are also available with lower channel numbers and higher output currents—up to 10kW per channel!
    The dimmer may be wall-mounted or 19” rack-mounted or even hung from an entertainment lighting bar.

    C-Bus® & Dali™ compatible.

    • DMX 512
    • Supports sACN and Artnet. RDM ready
    • MCB with Main RCD
    • Configuration, Status display & error messaging / Mobile Application via Network Interface

    • Smooth LED dimming
    • Dims capacitive loads
    • Silent operation
    • Reduced filament hum
    • Dims Phase Dimmable LED drivers
    • Dims electronic transformers
    • Compact solution: wall-mounted or bar-mounted.
    • Emergency lighting provision
    • Standard DMX interface

AirLED Driver


State Automations AirLED driver is a high performance LED Driver with 6 Voltage or Current Outputs. The control input is either via DMX 512 data or 0-10V analogue or simple ON/OFF contact closure. Support for Dali and KNX control is pending. The driver offeres support for individual fixtures or multi circuit fixtures such as Dual White or RGB or RGBWA. State Automation’s AIRLED range of LED Drivers offer the latest LED Adaptive Interactive Response control, AIR is a new technology developed by State Automation to ensure smooth responsive dimming performance when using the latest high intensity LED’s.

AIR technology allows your LED luminaire to respond in the most professional manner to 8 bit control data, converting this “steppy” 8 bit signal into a control signal that ensures smooth dimming, precise levels and the responsive performance that you expect from a professional automated lighting control system or a manual slider on a lighting desk.


Product Features

    Air Technology Adaptive Resolution provides intimate and accurate control of the light output from you LED’s thus ensuring smooth dimming performance over the whole dimming range. SA utilises a morphing microprocessor to make decisions and change in form based on the configuration selected. AIR reacts dynamically to the rate of change of levels input from the user.


    Architectural Building Automation System and Fire Systems , Force ON, Force OFF inputs

    • Maintains the correct operating current to your LED arrays.
    • Temperature fold-back and shutdown (Option to fit thermal sensing to LED heatsink).
    • DMX512 Control
    • Analogue 0-10V or Potentiometer Control
    • RDM Option: Remote Device Monitoring provides a method to collect status information. (Refer to SA’s “SAM” Equipment Management Software)

Anti-flickering LEDplug

State Automation Anti-flickering LEDplug is an innovative device for stopping LED lights flickering when they are dimmed with Phase Control dimmers. Once the LEDplug is installed into the LEDs circuit, the flickering is significantly reduced or stopped.


Product Features

    APPLICATIONS – LED fixtures connected to phase controlled dimmer circuits FEATURES – LEDplug stops LED’s flickering – Small, light weight package.

    3 world-class venues already using it:

    • The Melbourne Cricket Ground Sport Museum (MCG)
    • The Sydney Opera House Utzon Room
    • The Sydney Lyric Theatre


    • Stops LED fixtures from flickering.
    • Saves cost by using existing phase controlled dimmers.
    • Inexpensive solution.