Engineered and designed in Australia


SAM is a software application designed to report on the status of State Automation Lighting Control Equipment. The application is to be designed to run unassisted when the PC is on and Windows is booted (regardless of login status). The application utilises a professional database to share the stored information such as alarms and messages with external SCADA systems (ODBC).
SAM supports Lamp Life Management, Alarm Reporting Management, Security Login Protocols, and an easy to use graphical user interface.


Product Features

    Alarm Reporting Features

    • Based on Date and Time of occurrence
    • Based on Location
    • Based on Alarm Type
    • Based on SMS sent
    • Based on a combination of above
    • Via Email as Text
    • Via Spreadsheet
    • Threshold settings for alarms
    • SMS assignment per alarm

    Dimmer and Power Monitoring

    • Max Levels, Pre-heat and Patch
    • Remote dimmer and Node setup
    • Current per channel
    • Dimmer Curve Selection
    • Operating Temperature
    • 3 Phase Supply Power Monitoring

    Communications Features

    • Network DMX Monitoring
    • GSM Modem test
    • 3rd Party Products “On-Line” Testing
    • To External SCADA or BMS (ODBC)

    Operating System

    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008