Stage Control

Engineered and designed in Australia


Our Wincon range is the result of the design that we believe to be the safest axis controller for theatre, ever, including the new range of Wincon VI with design criteria embracing the latest Safety Standard IEC61508 guide lines.

The Wincon 6 “HSI” (High Safety Integrity) product incorporates a ‘redundant’ microprocessor which acts as a safety supervisor. The safety Processor checks that all main processor tasks are executing properly, ie. It acts as a “smart watchdog”, monitoring the main processor activity. Motion is prevented in cases of unsafe conditions indicated by internal data or external signals.


  • Opera and Theatres
  • Production studios
  • Multi-purpose conference and exhibition venues
  • Entertainment venues and Architectural installations



Product Features


    More specifically, the Safety Processor performs the following functions:

    Verify integrity of axis velocity and position measurement.

    Verifies that axis motion is initiated and terminated strictly in accordance with commands from the system controller (in normal online operating mode).

    Monitors synchronous group movements, using redundant “GSM-2 ” Wincon network communications. (ie. Checks periodic “motion confidence” packets received from a “group partner” Wincon within specified maximum latency)


    Checks that axis position stays between starting point and target end-point (of each motion profile segment) during movement, and that target end-point over-shoot is avoided under all circumstances.

    Checks that axis position stays between predefined “soft” travel limits.

    Checks that axis velocity and acceleration magnitudes remain within predefined bounds.

    Checks that axis motion is stable, ie. Oscillation and jerk magnitudes are below predefined limits (Manual movements).

    Verifies generated motion profile, based on movement command data from the system controller (Profile Movements).

    Detects faults and malfunctions in hardware safety logic, both on-board end external.


The most advanced stage automation control system, StatusVi Automation System is scenery movement control at the user’s finger tips. StatusVi is safe, flexible, powerful, performance proven, and designed by theatre people for creative theatre people. StatusVi can be installed in any Theatre, Opera, TV and production Studio, Touring and multifunctional venues that is used for live performance. Since the smoothness of operation is equivalent to manual operation of equipment. No jerk, shake, rattle… just a smooth move which can be reproduced to below a 1mm accuracy time after time.

Better Safe than Sorry – Dynamic Weighing & Snag detection

One of the main criticisms of power-flying systems cited by skilled fly-men is their inability to “feel” when a set or a curtain “snags”. When one piece of scenery snags on another, in either an upward or a downward movement, the user cannot feel this as he would in a conventional hemp system. This is true for most control systems but not for a STATE AUTOMATION StatusVi system.  With optional load cells, the StatusVi is able to detect an abnormal variation in load and to stop the offending machine, thus preventing accidents. StatusVi has a much faster reaction time than a human operator and therefore can help prevent damage and injury.

Every Mechanist can be an Artist – Learn Profile

With the addition of a LOCON, the StatusVi records movement in real-time. Allocate a bar to a slider, initiate the movement and move the bar according to the commands received from the Director. When the movement is finished, pressing the record key stores the movement. Replay and modification, if desired, is possible instantly! This STATE AUTOMATION technology enables every mechanist to participate fully in the creative process: your production looks just the way the designer imagined with minimum delay and stress.


  • Opera and Theatres
  • Production studios
  • Multi-purpose conference and exhibition venues
  • Entertainment venues and Architectural installations
  • Suited for Drama, Opera, Ballet, Musicals
  • Television and touring.

Product Features

    • Latest Atom architecture: Independent GUI and Safety-Computers:- Motion control functions independent of GUI;
    • Client-server, SQL structure.
    • Fault-tolerant;
    • Familiar & intuitive multi-lingual Windows based GUI interface:- Dynamic display of machine movement in 3D.
    • Intuitive user interface – industry minimum keystroke requirement;
    • Linux Operating System for the System Controller:
    • Fast, reliable & guaranteed response time.
    • High speed, deterministic motion control LAN:
    • Ethernet IEEE802.3 based.
    • Industrial grade hardware throughout.
    • Portable and 100% self-contained
    • Fault tolerant: – Local control from Axis-Controllers; (option)
    • Hot-standby 2nd StatusVi+ configuration. (option)
    • Duplicated Axis-Control LAN; (option)
    • Self-contained Emergency-Stop system to EN954-1 Cat 2 or 3 (option)
    • OCP offers:      – Programmable LCD buttons;      – “Point and shoot” touch screen input (option).
    • E-belt sliders for variable input control;
    • User friendly experience: Intuitive “guiding” menu structure
    • Remote Control options: (available on selected models only)
    • StatusVi+ backup.
    • Multi-User Control Panel: (with remote control option) – Simultaneous Rigging, Recording and Show Playback
    • Simultaneous LOCON, ROVER, and ARGONAUT users
    • Highly sophisticated software features:
    • Unrestricted overlapping and follow-on, cues and actions
    • STATE AUTOMATION’s revolutionary abstract cue system: “Actions” and “Cues”;
    • Multiple group types: asynchronous, synchronised, rigid, temporary and permanent;
    • Learn, store and replay profile;Dynamic-weighing and Snag detection.


The following fine theatres have selected State Automation technology:

  • National Centre of the Performing Arts, Beijing, PRC.
  • Comédie des Champs Elysées, Paris, France.
  • Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.
  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Concert Hall, Singapore.
  • Kang Buk Theatre, Korea.
  • Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong.
  • Le Phénix, Valenciennes, France.
  • Malaysian National Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Opéra Nouvel, Opéra de Lyon, France.
  • Sori Arts Centre, Korea.
  • Star City Casino Showroom, Sydney, Australia.
  • State Theatre, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Sydney Opera House, Opera Theatre, Sydney, Australia.
  • Teatre Lliure, Barcelona, Spain.

The STATUS Vi System Overview

The STATUS Vi Console is the heart of the system. The console contains all the essential parts of the StatusVi system including CPUs, (Graphic and Safety-Computer) E-Stop system, Power supplies etc. The console is light enough to be transported to the best location for operation. The ergonomics of the User Interface provides the operator with a comfortable and confidence inspiring work environment. This means that the director’s wishes can be swiftly translated into an easy-to-execute show.

DESIGNER LOCON. The ability to provide multiple sophisticated remote control points is unique to State Automation. The Designer LOCON (Local Controller) is used to perform manual and programmed moves. Movement targets can be set to a fixed destination or a predetermined memory position. A move can involve a single machine or a group of machines, all with independent targets if required.  Both acceleration and deceleration can be programmed and the movement can be set to either time or speed. The joystick allows the control of all machines in operation as a general master. Of course, the philosophy of a Dead-Man’s-Button is maintained as a safety feature.

ROVER is a hand-held remote control unit for the StatusVi system. When room is restricted, or scenery is awkward to control, ROVER is the ideal solution. Special features have been programmed into the hand-held remote which allow the operator to work in close proximity with special equipment (wagons, revolves, etc) ensuring total safety. A wide LCD screen displays all of the parameters and instructions necessary for system operation. With ROVER, an operator is able to move any piece or collection of scenery. Actions and Cues can be designed and recorded and shows can be played back, all with the convenience of a truly portable, hand-held controller.

WINCON is State Automation’s intelligent Winch-Controller unit. No matter what kind of energy you want to use, AC, DC or hydraulic, WINCON is designed for it. Comprehensive digital and analogue safety inputs, together with fast Ethernet links to StatusVi, guarantee split second decision and control.

A 6U high, 19″ format sub-rack houses up to 10 WINCONs. Larger systems comprise multiple sub-racks. A WINCON power pack is provided for each WINCON sub-rack. The power pack is fully redundant with two power supplies and is supplied as a 3U, 19″ module. While WINCON generally depends on StatusVi to operate, in an emergency, machinery can be operated locally via an optional manual control unit that is plugged into the WINCON front panel.

POWER TYPES. STATE AUTOMATION recognises that there is no universal power source for every entertainment motion-control application. For that reason, StatusVi is right at home controlling hydraulic motors, rams, electric motors (AC/DC) or pneumatics.