SA Lauches next gen WINCON Axis controller


Our Winch Control range is the result of tireless design and development, we believe the new WINCON 6 to be the safest axis controller for Stage Control developed today, with the design criteria embracing the latest Safety Standard IEC61508 guide lines.

The Wincon 6 “HSI” (High Safety Integrity) product incorporates a ‘redundant’ microprocessor which acts as a safety supervisor. The safety Processor checks that all main processor tasks are executing properly, ie. It acts as a “smart watchdog”, monitoring the main processor activity. Motion is prevented in cases of unsafe conditions indicated by internal data or external signals.

HSI FEATURES – More specifically, the Safety Processor performs the following functions:

Verify integrity of axis velocity and position measurement.

Verifies that axis motion is initiated and terminated strictly in accordance with commands from the system controller (in normal online operating mode).

Monitors synchronous group movements, using redundant “GSM-2 ” Wincon network communications. (ie. Checks periodic “motion confidence” packets received from a “group partner” Wincon within specified maximum latency)

Checks that axis position stays between starting point and target end-point (of each motion profile segment) during movement, and that target end-point over-shoot is avoided under all circumstances.

Checks that axis position stays between predefined “soft” travel limits.

Checks that axis velocity and acceleration magnitudes remain within predefined bounds.

Checks that axis motion is stable, ie. Oscillation and jerk magnitudes are below predefined limits (Manual movements).

Verifies generated motion profile, based on movement command data from the system controller (Profile Movements).

Detects faults and malfunctions in hardware safety logic, both on-board end external.