State Automation Senior Appointment

Aggie Fabrik – New CFO at State Automation Pty Ltd

Please join me in welcoming Aggie Fabrik as our new CFO at State Automation – Aggie is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a varied and strong background in manufacturing. Having worked at a senior level in various roles from auditing to computer game development and most recently working for a listed Australian manufacturing company in pharmaceuticals, she brings a broad range of experience, expertise and passion. Her role will be heavily involved in operational, finance and export areas of State Automations business internationally while connecting with stakeholders at all levels of the business, which will no doubt excel our growth plans and result in further value to State Automation customers.

We are very excited that Aggie has decided to join our company and look forward to her contribution in developing State Automations strategy and development plans into the future.