Since the early eighties, SA Service has developed significant expertise and processes in servicing the demanding needs of operators of Arts, Cultural and Entertainment venues. With live performances there is no margin for error and the “Show must go on” attitude is reflected in the commitment and quality delivered by our highly qualified SA Service Engineers. Our high levels of expertise, 24/7 availability and global mobility, we offer the very best service and support to the customer, every time.

With over 3 decades of industry experience, SA Service can offer: a scheduled maintenance to your system, repairs to faulty equipment or an emergency response to a critical system fault, SA Service has the experience and resources to answer your needs. – Programmed Preventative Maintenance and Support – Equipment repairs and upgrades – Technical and Operator Training. With almost thirty years experience, SA Service’s highly trained Engineers are renowned for exceeding customer expectations.

For Further information on SA service options please contact our Service Team.

Service Department

T: +61 (0)4 0058 8157 | BUSINESS HOURS (MONDAY – FRIDAY) GMT + 10 (09.00 – 17.00)

Programmed Preventative Maintenance & Support

Regular maintenance and service ensures that equipment is “ready for use” 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. SA Service Programmed Preventive Maintenance and Support packages offer peace of mind by maximising maintenance budgets. Patrons of this service can personalise the level of maintenance and service required for their site.

  • More value from your maintenance budget
  • Installation, commissioning, upgrades and aftercare
  • User Customisable Maintenance Agreements
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance visits
  • Emergency Service Visits
  • Remote monitoring
  • CMMS supported (Computer Maintenance Management System)
  • 24/7 Telecare – Telephone Technical Support
  • Service Audits
  • End of Service Life Analysis

Technical & Operator Training

SA Service offers training to both new and existing customers and distributors. Structured training on all equipment is offered with an emphasis on flexibility of content and delivery. Structured site-specific training is offered post installation and upgrade. As skill levels increase, maintenance and troubleshooting training courses are offered either in-house, or at selected locations. There, peers transfer knowledge in a hands-on learning environment facilitated by our highly skilled SA Service Engineers.

With every site, team and situation being different we use the basic course structure and expand on it, tailoring each training session specifically to the clients needs to ensure the maximum benefit is obtained.

  • Structured on-site training
  • In-house training at mutually agreed locations
  • Accredited advanced troubleshooting and maintenance training

For further information on our training service and programmes please contact us.

E: T: +61 (0)3 9587 2555

Break/Fix and On-Site repairs

Remedial maintenance and upgrades reinforce the SA Service capabilities in repairing faulty equipment on site or swapping out faulty components for precision repairs in our well-appointed workshops.

  • Flexible Break/Fix Support Package
  • Back to base workshop repairs
  • On-site emergency repairs on all installed equipment
  • On-site swap-out service
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Ad-hoc and casual repairs